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Beauty FAQ - Skin-care schedule, Simplified!

Skin-care schedule, Simplified!

Product How Much When Tips
Serum Pea-size amount AM/PM Always apply before moisturiser for optimal absorption
Instant wrinkle-smoother A thin layer on areas like the crow's feet and forehead lines AM For best results, use after serum, but before moisturizer and makeup
Face moisturizer (Day) About a teaspoon AM Use a tablespoon if applying to chest and neck
Sunscreen About a teaspoon AM After moisturizer. Use a tablesoon if applying to chest and neck. Look for one with at least SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection
Eye cream Pea-size amount AM/PM If using in the morning interferes with your makeup, use it only at night
Night cream* Pea-size amount PM Apply after serums
Lip balm As much as necessary AM/PM Best to use pre-bedtime, as it's better absorp while you sleep. Can also be used during the day
Body lotion As much as the skin can absorp AM/PM Slather on post-shower to help lock in moisturiser
* Generally a thicker, richer version of day moisturisers
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