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Beauty FAQ - Superstar Treatments

4 Superstar Skincare Treatments Worth a Doctor's Visit

Injections smooth away wrinkles by blocking the nerve impulses that cause muscle movement. When botulinum toxin was approved for cosmetic use in 2002, many patients wound up trading wrinkles for immobile eyebrows. In the years since, doctors have mastered how to smooth lines without making people look petrified or poker-faced. In fact, doctors now inject less toxin with each treatment than they used more here

How Much Sunscreen Do You Really Need For Your Body?

As a beauty editor, I can't say or write these three words enough: Put on sunscreen. And not just during the summer months when it's scorching hot, but every single day. Okay, so now that I've drilled that beauty rule into your head, you're probably wondering exactly how much sunscreen do you really need more here

Top 30 Skin Clearing Foods

It has been suggested that steady blood sugar levels and skin health could be linked, so it makes sense to try swapping out processed white carbohydrates for brown, wholegrain, low glycemic index foods like brown rice. A portion a day not only provides a rich source of B vitamins, protein, selenium and magnesium, as well as several more here

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