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Always looking tired due to skin laxity?

1 January, 2023

Do you remember your brand new mattress, springy with fresh memory foam providing comfortable beauty sleep?

What happened to it?

Your child stomped on it. Repeated sunning of your mattress turned it a yellowish tint. The memory foam gets thinner over time, and your mattress starts to sink

Well the skin suffers a similar fate!

As we age, we lose two essential proteins in our skin- Elastin, and Collagen. 

Elastin is like the spring in your bed. It helps snap your skin back to its original state when stretched. While Collagen is like the memory foam in your mattress, it keeps your skin full, supple, and taut. Due to environmental factors like stress, diet, sun exposure, and the lack of exercise, skin deterioration may hasten. You may look into the mirror and be discouraged by how gravity is relentless in making you look older than you are. 

The good news is, it’s not too late–yet. 

We have collated some tips that may help with mildly saggy skin. 


  • Exercise

Focus on exercises that focus on increasing muscle masses. Exercise will help you lose stubborn fats and reduce the appearance of saggy skin with toned muscles. 

Facial exercises are also beneficial when it comes to reducing facial skin laxity, 


  • Dietary Modifications

Eliminate bad habits like late-night snacking and being sedentary in your diet and lifestyle. Eating highly nutritious food and staying hydrated can improve overall skin health, giving you a fresh glow from within, thereby improving the general appearance of the skin.


  • Lifestyle Changes

Stop smoking. Nicotine can cause blood vessels to narrow, depriving your skin cells of oxygen and essential nutrients that cause dull-looking skin. By quitting, your skin may look fresher, brighter, and healthier, resulting in better contours that help to reduce the appearance of saggy-looking skin.


There you have it; some simple tips and tricks that can reduce the appearance of loose, saggy skin.  


But if lifestyle  changes are not good enough and you are suffering from moderate to severe skin laxity you may click here to learn more about how to improve your skin. 


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