What is Cryothermal Rejuvenation?

Since ancient times, temperature contrasts between hot and cold have been used to improve the skin. Among the most famous examples are the Roman baths where alternative baths were made of cold water and hot water.

Inspired by the past, CryoThermal Rejuvenation is a non-invasive procedure that uses hot and cold temperatures and brings about the following effects:

  • Eliminate fat cells
  • Lessen the signs of cellulites
  • Tighten loose creped skin
  • Stimulate skin elasticity
  • Inducement of skin regeneration

What the treatment involves:

Gel is applied to the region to ensure good contact between the skin and the metal surface of the handle.

The treatment starts with heat (+30C to +42C) then a prolonged period of cold (-10C to +5C) then heat again (+30C to +42C).

The tri-level process triggers a phenomenon called apoptosis (cell death). The fluids that bind the fat cells together crystalize and this crystallization eliminates fat cells gradually. It significantly increased micro circulation that is caused by the hot and cold.

Results can generally be seen after the first session. Skin on the face should feel tighter and look more uplifted. For the body, skin on the treated body part should feel and look smoother due to the reduction in the appearance of cellulite and the drainage of retained fluids and excess fats.

For best results, [face] a series of 4 to 6 sessions once every 2 weeks; [body] a series of 6 to 9 sessions weekly; is recommended during the initial treatment stage for optimal results. Thereafter, 1 session per month is recommended for maintenance.

Depending on the area treated, the treatment duration can range from 30 minutes (for face) to 60 minutes (contouring and cellulite reduction treatment for the entire thigh area).

* Individual results may vary

For more information, visit our Singapore Aesthetic Centre (SAC) – YouTube


Cryothermal Rejuvenation price starts from $227 per session (purchase package)
*Price quoted include GST and is subjected to change without prior notice

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