What is Mole and Skin Tag Removal?

Mole(s) and Skin Tag(s) removal can be done either via laser, cauterization or excision.

Removal via laser
Laser is a safe and effective method to remove moles. To remove the mole, the laser applies high energy selectively on the pigments within skin and evaporates the pigments. Therefore, laser eliminates unwanted moles without damaging the surrounding skin cells. Generally, laser mole removal is less likely to form scars as compared with other methods of mole removal.

Removal via cauterization
Cauterization is the medical technique of using heat to burn off tissue. It is another popular method used for mole removal. A specialized cauterization tool will be used to apply heat to the surface of the mole, causing it to vaporise. For larger moles, scrapping may be necessary.

Removal via excision
Raised moles are typically removed via excision where a scalpel is used to surgically remove the mole. Stitches may be required.

What the treatment involves:

Before the treatment, topical anaesthesia (numbing cream) and/or local anaesthesia may be applied.

Removal via laser / cauterization
Patients may experience a slight tingling sensation akin to being snapped by a rubber band.

Removal via excision
Patients may experience some pressure during the mole removal process.

After the treatment:

Removal via laser / cauterization
The mole may turn into a shallow white scab. This scab usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks to fall off naturally. Do not remove the scab forcefully. At this time, there may be slight redness around the scab, which will also go away with time.

Removal via excision
The incision will be closed with micro stiches and covered with sterile dressing. A follow-up visit 7 to 14 days post procedure will be schedule for the removal of the stitches.

Patients are advised to apply prescribed antibiotics cream or ointment until the wound is completely healed and to avoid exposure to water immediately after treatment. Please also avoid swimming, excessive exercise and sweating when scabs are still visible on the skin. Apply sunscreen to protect treated skin from UV. Gentle make-up can be used following the treatment. If the treated area is infected or feels itchy, please stop the application of cream and see your doctor immediately.

* Individual results may vary

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Mole removal via electrocautery @ $405 (< 5 moles, there after $54 per additional mole)
Mole removal via laser @ $405 (<3 moles, there after $81 per additional mole)
Mole removal via excision starts from $405 per mole (depends on the size)
*Price quoted include GST and is subjected to change without prior notice

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