Pores are tiny openings at the surface of the skin through which hair grows. It plays a ‘waste management’ role transporting sebum and dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. The mixture of sebum and dead skin cells act as a protective layer, protecting the skin from bacteria, viruses, wind and rain.

The appearance of large open pores is due to several factors. These include genetics, having poor hygiene and excessive sun exposure.

Those with oily skin will tend to have the appearance of large pore as oils collect around the pores, giving it the appearance of being enlarged. When skin is not thoroughly cleansed, sebum accumulates and clogs the pores. Over time, the sebum hardens and oxidation occurs, turning the outermost portion black, developing a harden bump that is commonly known as blackheads. Because of their colour, it emphasizes the appearance of the pores. Exposure to sun thickens the outer layer of skin, forming a tiny volcano rim around the pores, making pores look bigger.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic treatment’ to erase pores or permanently shrink it. However, the appearance can be minimised by thoroughly cleansing skin, using sun block to protect skin, having regular exfoliation procedures such as microdermabrasion and Vitamin C iontophoresischemical peelshydrafacialCO2 Laser Micro peel, or FOTONA Laser done to prevent pores clogging.

*Individual results may vary

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